Chocolate n' Cheese


This page is all about our original Web Series, Chocolate n' Cheese.

Chocolate n' Cheese is an Online Web and Novelization Series, created in Auckland City, New Zealand and produced by Dionysus Carnie Productons.


Chocolate n' Cheese is produced and created, thanks to:

  • Clendons; Britomart, for many hours of filming time in their building
  • Real Groovy; Auckland, for use of store time and space for filming
  • Anjannette's Acadamy of Modern Dance, for use of their rehearsal time for filming our Xmas special
  • Waitakere Primary School for use of their school hall for filming our Xmas special
  • Thank you to Stephen Nightingale, for use of his recording equipment
  • Thank you to Matt Bolton, for many classic Gags and Jokes
  • Thank you to Guy Williams, for his guest appearence in our Xmas special
  • Thank you to Stella Mackrell, for helping us with filming our Xmas special
  • Thank you to Tilly Francis, for writing and preforming our Theme Music, as well as our other original songs
  • ALl of the incredible and vast crew at Dionysus Carnie Productions, for all of their time and efforts on creating such a unique show.