Raising The Vocals is a Glee parody film, filmed at Waitakere College in New Zealand, Produced by Dionysus Carnie Productons.

Raising The Vocals - Full Movie (2015) HD

It's finally here! The long awaited release of the Mockumentary, filmed at Waitakere College, starring New Zealand TV Star, Te Radar.

Starring alongside him is Madz McKinnon (Writer/Director), Eddie Earlly (Chocolate n' Cheese, Camera Operator/Writer) and Lars Atkinson (Chocolate n' Cheese)

Raising The Vocals is filmed and Created, thanks to:

  • Te Radar, for appearing in this film, despite his very busy schedule.
  • Waitakere College; Stephen Nightingale & Martin Hannan.
  • Bailey Reinhold, for providing his voice for the 2nd trailer.
  • Dionysus Carnie Productions, for all of their time and efforts to create such a funny and entertaining film.